TIMETOWEB CMS Collaboration Modules

Today's Inter- and Intranet websites have developed from one-way information delivery to interactive collaborative platforms, where information is exchanged, contacts are made and transactions are settled. Numerous interactive modules are integrated into the TIMETOWEB CMS system.

More interactivity

The TIMETOWEB CMS facilitates and supports the interaction with the users of your website and among the users themselves in various ways. The integrated form generator and the available modules allow the creation of different interaction opportunities within a few minutes. In order to benefit from your collected data, TIMETOWEB CMS seamlessly integrates them into your enterprise workflows.

No matter whether the interaction takes place between companies and website users or between users among themselves - by implementing TIMETOWEB CMS you create an added value for your website users.

Your benefits through collaboration:

    • Interaction with your website users
    • Find out more about your website users
    • Learn from website users
    • User learn about your offer
    • Interaction between your website users
    • Users share information and knowledge
    • Online authors interact with each others
    • Sharing and making available of know-how and content

The effect: You save costs!