Intuitive navigation for your website users

The faster your website user finds the wanted information, the better is his impression of your website. Many well-proven navigational elements allow simple orientation on the website. All parts of the navigation are dynamically generated from the content and remain up-to-date, if the content changes. This way, e.g. your sitemap always display accurate content overview. TIMETOWEB CMS not only meets the usual requirements, but also stands out from competitive products.

Smooth orientation

Navigation elements are used to allow a website user a fast orientation on a website. They should give answer to the questions:
  • How did I get to this page?
  • How is this page related to the other pages?
  • How can I get back / to previous pages?
  • What is my current location within the website?

Possible Page navigation elements are:

  • Recommended: non-frame navigation
  • Horizontal and / or vertical navigation
  • Cascading multilevel expandable sub-menue
  • Navigation path (bread-crumb-trail)
  • Permanent descriptive deep-links

Content navigation may include:

  • Contextual navigation
    • Manually link-lists
    • Automatically generated catalogs with content from areas of the website
  • Tab navigation
  • Navigation of sorted list elements
  • Combination of link-lists and tab navigation
  • Calendar navigation

Leveraging your content with Meta tags

Meta data means additional data about your content: description, keywords, categories. This information can be used to identify, discover, assess, and manage information which belongs together in respect of content meaning. In this way, information out of different areas of a website can be structured and grouped to an contextual navigation.

Easy to find?

As many users as possible should find your website and identify the relevant content on the website. TIMETOWEB CMS focuses on external and internal search engines. Not only included texts are indexed, but also the meta information and content of imported files like PowerPoint presentations.