06. April 2008

Taking Notes Episode 81:

Lotus Notes 8 Plugins with Mikkel Heisterberg

Bruce and Julian got a chance to talk to Mikkel Heisterberg about his new "TwitNotes" sidebar plugin for Notes 8, that allows you to access Twitter directly from the Lotus Notes client.

We talked about things like:
    • Where did the idea for this come from?
    • How hard (or easy) is it to develop sidebar plugins for Notes 8?
    • What tools do you need to get started?
    • The plugin is free, but is it open source?
    • Is this just one more example of how important Java is for Notes developers now?
If you want to install the TwitNotes plugin for Notes 8 -- and why not? It's free! -- go to http://lekkimworld.com/pages/attentionotes.html for detailed instructions.

This podcast was brought to you by Elguji Software, the makers of IdeaJam. It is 15.7mb and runs 34:23 minutes at 64kps.

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