01. August 2008

Taking Notes Episode 84:

Lotus Foundations

Bruce, Julian, and guest interviewer Sean Burgess talk to Caleb Barlow from IBM about the Lotus Foundations "Start" server.

Including topics like:
    • What is Lotus Foundations anyway?
    • The target audience is small businesses with 1 to 500 employees. Why would they want this?
    • What is an "appliance" server? What does it mean that the Foundations server is "self-healing"?
    • What version of Lotus Domino is included? What if I want to package up custom applications or upgrade the Domino version?
    • How do Lotus Business Partners fit into this picture?
    • Collaboration University 2008
    • How is Lotus Foundations marketed against the legacy Microsoft Small Business Server?
    • Will there be other versions besides the current Foundations "Start" server?
    • Sean Burgess' Lotus Foundation blog
    • Graham Dodge's blog
This podcast was brought to you by Elguji Software, the makers of IdeaJam and LinkJam (social bookmarking for Lotus Notes/Domino). It is 22mb and runs 47:19 minutes at 64kbs.

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