03. August 2008

Taking Notes Episode 85:

UKLUG 2008

Get the scoop on the upcoming UKLUG conference -- September 26th and 27th in London.

We talk to Warren Elsmore and Mike Smith about things like:
    • Who's speaking (and which Paul Mooney will be attending)
    • Are there any sponsor slots left?
    • The emphasis on real Lotus customers giving sessions
    • Which company that recently migrated TO Lotus Notes will be giving a session
    • The beautiful location, just around the corner from Westminster Abbey
Also, if anyone can help Warren get Bluetooth working with NXT, please send him an e-mail. Otherwise, for more information on the conference, just go to http://uklug.info and you'll get all the details. See you there!

This podcast was brought to you by Elguji Software, the makers of IdeaJam and LinkJam (social bookmarking for Lotus Notes/Domino). It is 8.5mb and runs 18:32 minutes at 64kbs.

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