Browser based user interface - Web UI

The new Web User Interface provides everything the author needs to edit the website without a Notes-client. The simplified input screens, the attractive design and intuitive menus make working with the Web User Interface as easy and pleasant as possible. The straightforward interface offers all the information and configuration possibilities to support a professional editor. In addition to creating and editing content, the Web User Interface even offers the option to create, edit and manage resources, file attachments and images.

Intuitive menu

In the header are, besides the prominently placed main editing buttons, all important information and characteristics of the document clearly divided into tabs. For any functions and buttons are short help texts available, that will assist the casual user through the program. When the user selects certain features, simple dialogues will guide through the desired modifications. Less used features and functions for a different context will be blended out to keep the orientation as easy and intuitive as possible.

The user can use the Web User Interface to perform all the functions of the content management system:
    • Creation of new pages or new versions
    • All approval functions
    • Check In / Check Out
    • Change into the edit mode of a page
    • Characteristics of the current page
    • Remove or add tags, metadata or categories
    • Insert thumbnails
    • Upload files
    • Edit Access Rights
    • Access to "My Documents"
    • ...

Complete inline editing

For quick and easy maintenance without the Lotus Notes client, the Web User Interface has been implemented with the latest JavaScript framework technology. Thus, the content can be very easily and context sensitive entered and maintained. With proper access rights, you can even edit the current page directly from an internet cafe during the "surfing" of the website.

Quick and easy configuration and information

Information about the current document can be easily accessed and changed.

Die Auswahl und Bearbeitung sämtlicher im TIMETOWEB CMS typischen Elemente wie Datenquellen, Formulare, Navigatoren und Page-Elementen ist uneingeschränkt im Web-Browser möglich. The selection and editing of all the typical TIMETOWEB CMS elements such as data sources, forms, navigators, and page elements is fully possible through the web browser. Simple designed dialog boxes make it easy to insert and modify data sources.

The Link Assistant has also been integrated in the new style of the Web User Interface and leads understandable through the link creation.

Easy resource management

Directly through the Web User Interface image resources can be managed, uploaded and viewed. The management of other resources is planed for future versions of the TIMETOWEB CMS.