TIMETOWEB CMS Classified Ads

Increase the value of your intranet for your employees and offer them an integrated " Bulletin Board".

TIMETOWEB CMS Classified Ads Module

Functions in the brief

  • Web-based collection of the advertisements
    • Column
    • Category
    • Title
    • Description
    • Sender data
  • Global adjustable publication period
  • Automatic generation of an indicator password
  • Automatic acknowledgement of receipt in the browser with printing possibility
  • Deletion of the ads by the advertiser with the indicator password
  • Automatic deletion of the ads after a configurable period
  • Searches for ads over columns, categories and full text search
  • Control of new ads in Notes with following release or deletion

Long-run experience:

The "Classified Ads" module was tested with several thousand ads in BAYER News Channel:

 TIMETOWEB CMS Classified Ads Module
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