TIMETOWEB CMS Contact Management

A contact form is the simplest possibility for your visitors to get in touch with your company. Admittedly, the organization of this process decides about the quality of the relation. A fast and competent answer is required.

The contact management assists you by sending the requests or registrations to the correct contact. and form allows determining special areas of interest. In this way, the enquiries will be forwarded to the responsible contact person


  • Download registration
  • Event registration
  • Contact requests
The incoming enquiries will be stored within the CMS as well as the status of replying and the answers itself.

The person in charge can use the FAQ's with text modules to make the process easy and fast.

TIMETOWEB CMS can be set up as a mail-in database and can then receive mails. This allows a centralized management of all requests, that come in from online website forms or e-mail addresses like info@... .

For extended requirements TIMETOACT offers the Communication Center solution. This solution allows a centralized workflow for large enquiries.

Example of a contact form

If you want to get in touch with us, please use the general enquiry form below. Please send us your concerns, feedback or questions on the TIMETOWEB Content Management System. Your request will be forwarded to the responsible specialists.
Please enter your address: (The bold formatted fields are required to complete this form)