Easy content creation / User interface

Easy & intuitive use

With the TIMETOWEB CMS has every employee the opportunity to easy and intuitive create content using the Lotus Notes Client as a familiar program without extra technical skills. The TIMETOWEB CMS is designed to enable every person in an office department to publish and manage their content by themselves. They usually are low or medium skilled in using computers and not regularly using the CMS System. They require easy-to-use applications, so that no service of a centralized editorial staff will be needed.

Keeping the Corporate Design

The TIMETOWEB Content Management System assures the presentation of the content in the correct layout. The authors have nothing to consider to keep the web style guide - there is no chance for them to act against it. "Fire and Forget"!

Fast access into working with the CMS & high acceptance

Often, the potential of a CMS is wasted because it doesn't fit the user's needs, is complicated to use or requires extensive training. Not so with TIMETOWEB CMS: only ½ days of training are enough to learn what you have to know as an author!

The content templates allow a wide range of configuration and the input boxes for authors can be reduced to a few fields to keep it simple. Content entering and editing steps are deliberate and easy to learn. In competition with other content management systems, e.g. within the Bayer corporate group, TIMETOWEB CMS established as a system of choice due to the usability and high acceptance by the CMS users.

Softdeletion - Recycle Bin feature for more security for Authors

To reduce the fear of contact due to accidental deletion by the authors, there is an easy way to do data recovery. All deleted documents can be restored from the Web Master in the "trash" view. Of course, these operations are fully logged in the workflow.

Intuitive and easy to use user interface

TIMETOWEB CMS enables every employee to easy and intuitive create their content without technical skills using a familiar program - the Lotus Notes client or a web browser. Power user among the editors particularly prefer the Lotus Notes user interface of the TIMETOWEB CMS. It allows fast content maintenance and easy management of large websites. Casual editors or editorial service providers benefit the most from the intuitive browser based context editing capability, available since the version 7.

Lotus Domino CMS User Interface