Content Management Modules

To support the administrative work of the Web Master, the basic TIMETOWEB CMS provides a Modification Toolset. Further handy tools and functions can be "licenced on demand":

TIMETOWEB CMS Modification Toolset & Content Reorganisation

This user-interface based tool can be extended with further agents and is able to simultaneously modify several documents at once.

Selected documents can be modified in one click:
  • Approve
  • Set access level
  • Change sitemap settings
  • Change field values completely or on criteria
  • Set navigation type
  • and more

  TIMETOWEB CMS Modification Toolset

Content Reorganization

Sometimes, large parts of the website have to be restructured, e.g. if the company or if departments are reorganized. To manage this, TIMETOWEB CMS offers a reorganization tool. In one go, you can relocate or rename hundreds of documents.

Reorganization agent:

  TIMETOWEB CMS Modification Toolset