TIMETOWEB CMS Form Generator

Creating contacts by using self-provided forms

You want to provide your website users interactive website experience, to react faster to customer's requests or to get to know more about your website users? TIMETOWEB CMS offers the right tool to hit the spot. To reach your goals you do not need an additional tool or any HTML knowledge. You can simply create all the forms you need by yourself - no matter how big or how many.

Efficient creation of forms

Predefined default form modules / HTML blocks allows a fast creation of your forms. For instance, you need to collect personal data of the website user in a form. In this case you can choose the form type "Contact" and set default fields via button-click. All frequently used fields are available and configured.
 TIMETOWEB CMS Form Generator

Of course you can edit this default fields and add new fields. You can define field type (i.e. checkbox), validation (if required) and layout options suiting your needs. TIMETOWEB CMS form generator make you creating various interaction options at minimum effort.

The form generator allows easy creation of forms from scratch or from templates. Field types are e.g. radio buttons, check boxes, dropdown lists, text lines, text areas and file upload controls. Some options to be set are field label, default value, available choices, client- or server-side validation and layout.

Captcha - security feature and anti-spam

The "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" was implemented as a field type in the form generator. This allows the captcha to be integrated into forms as a simple security check by just one click. By any optional number of images, various image types and recalculations of key identifiers, the protection-level can be adjusted accordingly to the individual needs.


After processing due to the internal workflow processes, collected data become business critical information. Using TIMETOWEB CMS you benefit from the fact, that the process is not stopped after collecting data. The incoming information is indexed by form type and overviews of incoming form data are provided.

The TIMETOWEB CMS facilitates your employees to easily react on requests using FAQ's or free worded text fields.

  TIMETOWEB CMS Form Generator

Take a look at sample forms built using the TIMETOWEB Form Generator

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