Create your own news, press releases or press clippings as a special "News" document with the TIMETOWEB CMS. Using the document type "News overview" you can display the news as an archive, sorted by categories. In addition, single news can be exported and displayed at important areas of your website (usually the home page). The news can be sorted chronologically or manually. There are several layout settings available.


  • Effortless creation
  • Integration at any place in the home page
  • Flexible layout definition
  • News archives
  • XML export of the news in other websites (Content Syndication)
  • Output as RSS-Feed

Cycle Date

By the periodic release of news that are important for your enterprise you can always let them appear at the top position of your overviews in certain temporally distances. For providing you indicate simply in which distances and for which period the document updates itself again and again and so is pushed to the top position.

News Overview

11/10/2010 - CMS Success Story

First Intranet for Gerresheimer AG

From zero to a central intranet for a global company. During this intranet launch the new Web User Interface was deployed for the first time. more...
04/16/2008 - CMS product development

TIMETOWEB R 7.50 The coming features in an overview

Our developers are working on the new Version 7.50 at full speed. Get a first impression on what to expect in an preview over the practical new possibilities. more...
06/04/2007 - CMS product development


After presenting the new release at this year’s TIMETOWEB 2007 event, TIMETOWEB R7.10 is now available for operation at our clients. TIMETOWEB R7.10 makes working with the CMS more efficient and offers new modules as well as various different functions within the existing modules. The new intuitive browser based user interface is particularly beneficial for occasional users, external service providers etc. Benefit from the options of a (HTML) newsletter as a contemporary and low priced communication instrument! Various extensions make the data source technology now even more powerful. more...
09/08/2006 - Web Authoring Simplified

Preview: Contextual Authoring with Browser User Interface in TIMETOWEB Release 7.0

Power user among the editors particularly prefer the Lotus Notes user interface of TIMETOWEB. It allows fast content maintenance and easy management of large websites. A new contextual and intuitive browser based interface will be available in the upcoming TIMETOWEB CMS release 7. more...
09/07/2006 - Changing your Content Management System the easy way

TIMETOACT has developed a migration agent which can migrate many different Content Management Systems (CMS) to the TIMETOWEB CMS

Fast and safe migration of other Domino-based Content Management Systems to the TIMETOWEB CMS is possible due to extensive experience gained by TIMETOACT in numerous migration projects. more...
 alt=IBM WebSphere Portal
08/22/2006 - TIMETOACT brings web applications into portals

TIMETOWEB content management system integrated into the IBM WebSphere portal

With a portal organizations can create web based, centralized contact points for employees, business partners and clients. A portal offers added value in comparison to a standard web presence. The benefit on the user side is compromised by the operating expense to fill the portal with content and applications. With the new developed "WebAppPortalizer"-Portlets content published via TIMETOWEB and established collaborative applications can be integrated fast and cost effective. more...
 alt=TIMETOWEB R 6.18 Architecture
07/05/2006 - CMS Product Development

New Release TIMETOWEB 6.18

As a modular application with a modern architecture the TIMETOWEB Content Management System is well-positioned on the market. Its system architecture has been constantly improved in order to meet different customer requirements in a very flexible way. The new release 6.18 includes functions and enhancements, which especially focus on the management of large web sites. more...

OnPage Collaboration and more with the new release 6.10 of the TIMETOWEB Content Management System

01/03/2005 - TIMETOWEB - e-commerce

Wolff Cellulosics Customer Service Center

Wolff Cellulosics, one of the world’s leading producers of cellulose derivatives. The Extranet offers a central source of information and a platform for transactions. This area on the Extranet is the Customer Service Centre. The Bayer company makes the entire range of services and communication lines available to the potential customers and sales representatives. more...
03/09/2004 - TIMETOWEB Content Management System

New product website online TIMETOWEB.DE & .COM

The new and well-stuctured product website TIMETOWEB.DE / TIMETOWEB.COM displays the potentials of the TIMETOWEB Content Management System in an extensive way. Hot topics for example Content Management, Collaboration and eCommerce are explained and the basic technical principles are communicated. Numerous demontrations encourage you to try out the different modules and features. The Website is also used as a demo- and education application and is available as a trial version. more...