TIMETOWEB CMS Online Consulting with Sametime Integration

Online consultation is a genuine increase in value for the customers: They get assistance at the time they need it. It is the direct answer of a question (chat), a small design provided together (Whiteboarding), assistance during the operation of an application (Application Sharing) or a videoconference.


  • Online Consulting Module based on Sametime 2.5
  • Single Sign-On Domino/Sametime
  • Consultant-Applet to control status: 'Online'/'Offline'/'Is in Meeting'
  • Integration of the consultant overview within the existing CMS
  • Consultant status changes automatically - no browser-refresh needed
  • Website user initiate an online meeting - the consultant get an message and his meeting-applet starts
  • Chat, application-sharing and whiteboard - audio/video optional


Online Consulting is integrated in the website and displays the responsible customer advisers or respective specialists.

 TIMETOWEB CMS Online Consulting with Sametime

TIMETOWEB CMS Online Consulting allows in addition to online-chat Intra- / InterNet application sharing.

  TIMETOWEB CMS Online Consulting with Sametime