TIMETOWEB CMS Online Survey with Excel export

Using online surveys, comprehensive enquiries on somebody's opinions may be obtained.

Up to 20 questions and the chaining of several questionnaires are possible. There are various answer types:
  • Radio box (single choice)
  • Check box (multiple choice)
  • List box (single values out of lists)
  • Combo box (multiple values out of lists)
  • Text line (single-line)
  • Text area (multi-line)
All answers can be displayed clear arranged as overviews and analyzed. The answers can be delivered anonymous or authenticated.

Online survey example

Excel export of surveys

A module-extension of the surveys to export them to Excel and graphically present them in a pie chart. complete surveys can just by the push of a button be exported to Excel where you can analyse and rework them. Questions can be removed from the analysis, the graphic can configured and filled with a legend. As outcome you will have a easy understandable and clearly arranged pie chart to present.

 TIMETOWEB CMS Excel Export Module
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