TIMETOWEB CMS Rights Management

Based on the Lotus Domino platform, TIMETOWEB CMS has very powerful rights management at its disposal. It is not only well suited for publicly accessible internet or extranet web sites, it is also especially well suited for intra- and extranet with comprehensive information access controls.

 TIMETOWEB CMS Reader Rights

Limiting access to information can be done to varying degrees: whole areas of a web site, individual web sites, or even just particular sections of a web page can be assigned different access levels. Differing access levels can be assigned to groups of people, as well as to particular individuals.

Substantial Access Protection

Unlike other systems, Lotus Domino does not simply hide access controlled information - the data in question can only be accessed after logging into the system.

The navigation elements themselves are dynamically created and displayed in correspondence with the appropriate access level. By these means, one can be sure that a site visitor will only see the navigation points which s/he has viewing rights to. Individual navigation elements can swap the content which they will display depending on access level. This means that different users will see different content after clicking the same navigation element.

Flexible Design

The layout of a website can be configured according to access level. For example, after logging into the site, an extranet- or partner-logo could be displayed in the head of the site in order to add a more exclusive feel to the visitor's experience. Alternatively, the color scheme of a departments intranet could vary from that of the others.

Moreover, an individualized menu entry or layer could be displayed for logged-in users. This way, the visitor can see which name s/he is logged in with, as well as using this as means of logging out.

Defined Access Options

For the purpose of logging in, the password and username can be integrated arbitrarily anywhere into the layout. As long as a secure URL is used for the log-in process, the log-in request is located in its own mask within the site layout.

In an intranet, the log-in process is authenticated by means of the Domino Directory, or LDAP-Directory.

Extranets can utilize the optional TIMETOWEB CMS user management, which has all the typically needed functions (like user registration, authorization, password changes) at its disposal.