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TIMETOWEB R 7.50 The coming features in an overview

Our developers are working on the new Version 7.50 at full speed. Get a first impression on what to expect in an preview over the practical new possibilities.


A new module in the CMS that allows the users to make their own settings in the web to configure their pages with content. After the login the home page will appear in the layout as defined from the users. It can contain the news overviews that are important for them, their wished teasers, their favorites and their content elements.

Besides the home page can all following pages also include personalised elements. For example their could appear the personal favorite links in the right margin.

The personalised content will be filed in the person document. This documents can be located in every database, it could be the person document in the CMS or any in the domino surrounding.


The Inspector offers a variety of functions to comprehensive guard and monitor the integrity of your website. A significant part ist the Reference Analyser. Other functions like monitoring of attachments (e.g.: size) and documents (Orphans etc.) are to follow.

The Reference Analyser inspects content documents and checks all links containing. The located defect links are shown clearly arrenged in a detailed protocol. The pages are not inspected through metering of the pages in the web, but through a standard or selfconfigured Overview in the CMS.

Checked in the process are standard HTML links, CSS and JS Libraries, Images, links in Javascript (static links). The Reference Analyser can be started time-controlled and can send mails with corresponding doclinks in case of an error recovery.

Functions of the Reference Analysers
    • easy integration in every TIMETOWEB CMS from Version 6
    • HTTPS from Domino Server 6.5 (Out of the Box)
    • multiple configuration possibilities for view, reports and individal documenttypes
    • resourcefriendly and lastreduzierte inspection
    • extensive include / exclude logic
    • detailed and clearly arranged report in HTML-format

Check in Check out

A new module for the work in teams of several authors. A document is checked out by the author by just a push of a button. This check mark is visible for all other authors and if somebody tries to edit the document a corresponding message will appear. In case of need the check mark can be taken by an other author, so neccessary urgent work on a document is not prevented. After the editing the author can check in the document again by just a push of a button. Certainly this mechanism works in also in the Web User Interface.

CMS Minder

A new module for CMS monitoring. Wether errors, waiting approval requests, changes in sensible fields or just a control over the activities in the CMS, the CMS Minder registers it and sends out correspondending mails. To the author of the content documents, to the Content Master for approval, to the Web Master for errors.

Access Rights

A new module for differentiated content maintenance. The Content Master or Web Master can assign certain authors to certain scopes. These authors will only be able to create content in their assigned scopes.

If there is an own editorial office for pictures and other multimedia-based resources existing, then the creating of this resources can be confined to this group of authors. If there is a shared editorial staff in large concerns, the different group of authors can be assigned to certain scopes in form of whole chapters of a sitemap.

Approval System Extension

Through this extension of the Approval System a legal department, a central editorial office or a faculty can functional approve content after inspecting it. An Author or Content Master can order the functional approval during the whole process. The new task of functional approval by the "Content Approver" is simply done without editing the document either in the Notes client or the Web User Interface. Just by a push of a button the content will be approved or rejected.

Different parts of the sitemap can be configured unique for functional approvement. Often sensitive or global pages need an obligatory functional approvement before publishing. Other parts could need an optional functional approvement to get a reassurance before publishing. In turn some parts could be free of a functional approvement.

Cycle Date

It gives you the possibility to renew the publishing date of a news, an item or an event. So you can place e.g. important events in planned intervals at the top position of an overview.

Module Box Elements

A module-extension of the resources. Next to pictures, mutimediaobjects, simple text modules, links and forms, are now documents existing that help you to build boxes for the margin, container for the contentarea or just a teaser. At a cenral place can authors create the boxes. So they can e.g. through simple clicks and selection of picture and text create a teaser.

Another Box could be a linklist with important links, an overview of phonenumbers or the contact person matching to the actual document that is always shown in the right margin.

In the content-document the author simply chooses a box and fills it with elements. The elements could be news, other content-documents, persons (contact persons) or the new box elements like teasers with pictures, text modules, important messages, banner, ...

Survey Excel Export

A module-extension of the surveys to export them to Excel and graphically present them in a pie chart. complete surveys can just by the push of a button be exported to Excel where you can analys and rework them. Questions can be removed from the analysis, the graphic can configured and filled with a legend. As outcome you will have a easy understandable and clearly arranged pie chart to present.

Notes User Interface

We constantly work on improvements of the masks and views to simplifie the working with our cms without loosing the functionallity.

There are new symbols in the sitemap and other views to show more information about a document on first sight. The new Check in/Check out and the functional approvement is included in the view.

The fields in content-documents are seperated more clearly so the classification is directly understandable.

To simplifie the work of an author we inserted the new view "My Documents". Its an overview of the your own last edited content.

Web User Interface

TIMETOWEB provides a new flexible intrerface to use nearly every rich text editor withn the web UI. The XINHA HTML editor, as an updated, more flexible richt text editor replaces HTML AREA in the standard configuration of TIMETOWEB.

External archiving of content documents

Documents already archived can be shifted into other archive data banks. Archived documents do not appear after shifting in the Sitemap any more, so that this remains clear and slim. Externally archived documents can be re-activated again and be used again over a new version.

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