TIMETOWEB CMS Tagging, Relation-Information Objects

The tagging of information objects becomes more important in today's online environment, since it offers many possibilities to providers and users. Static navigation concepts get extended and offer alternative possibilities of content experience for users.

Advantages and chances through TIMETOWEB CMS Tagging:

  • Extension of the Sitemap
    • Break more rigidly, frequently political structures
  • Faster finding of information
    • Cost advantage
  • Additional qualification level over meta data
    • Information-based references / presentation
TIMETOWEB CMS Tagging Organisation

The relation module of the TIMETOWEB CMS contains different solutions and functions for providing, editing, renewing and deletion of tags.


The TIMETOWEB CMS offers various ways and functions to manage tags. Since the completely open content tagging could also bring some disadvantages with itself, the TIMETOWEB CMS includes different configurable options for tag administration. Depending on the targeted result it could include solutions with a pre-defined list of permitted tags or an approval workflow for tags. To make the assignment of tags as simple as possible, there is time-saving auto-completion in the Notes and Web UI available.

Tag Cloud

A tag cloud is a method of information visualisation for tags in a CMS (or any data base). The individual keywords are weighted according to criteria such as frequency and represented respective to the weighting larger or smaller. A tag cloud can refer to all tags or to only a part filtered by e.g. language, category or certain document types. If the number of shown tags is reduced, then the most frequent tags will be found. All techniques and functions of data sources are available, since the tag cloud is technically an extension of the notes data sources.

Tag Relation

Tag relation evaluates the tags of a document and determines similar documents. It finds all documents with identical tags and rates them by a criteria like the number of matches. Thereby relations between similar, related, resuming or supplementing documents are found. The search within these relations can be made by all or filtered documents. The number of found documents can be reduced. The assortment remains by the rating criteria. The tag relation is likewise an extension of the notes data sources.