The Chat module provides a central and common communication platform for Internet and Intranet sites. Die Chaträume können aus dem CMS heraus einfach verwaltet werden und überall in Ihrem Auftritt eingebunden werden. The chat rooms can be easily managed from within the CMS and then widely integrated in your web presence.

User-friendly operation:

    • Automatic login prompt for not logged in users
    • Auto-scrolling chat history
    • Color highlighting of own messages and system messages
    • Easily switch to other chat rooms
    • Representation of the chat history for new users
    • System message with user names when entering and leaving the chat room
    • Multi-line input of instant messages

Informative overviews:

    • Overview of active users in the chat room
    • Overview of all available chat rooms, including state of chat rooms
    • Linking of the user name on cards
    • Online user list with information about the chat room membership

High-performance and reliable technology:

    • Persistent Chat (save the entire chat history)
    • Trapping errors (disconnections, session timeouts, etc.) and display error messages and information
    • Smart Request Interval (discharge of the network in low participation and rapid refresh intervals for high-communications)
    • Cross-site scripting protection for instant messaging
    • Cluster Compatibility
    • Use a central chat-database on several chat sites