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13. Mai 2004 - BerechtigungsmanagementTIMETOWEB CMS Rights ManagementBerechtigungsmanagement mehr... 07. August 2008TIMETOWEB CMS Archiving DatabaseThe archiving data base (TIMETOWEB CMS archiving database) is a module for the archiving of old, not published any more content-documents in an exter mehr... 28. November 2008Content Management ModulesTo support the administrative work of the Web Master, the basic TIMETOWEB CMS provides a Modification Toolset. Further handy tools and functions can mehr... 16. Oktober 2002 - MehrsprachigkeitTIMETOWEB CMS Content plusMehrsprachigkeit mehr... 31. März 2010TIMETOWEB CMS Enterprise SearchThe enterprise search module (based on IBM OmniFind Enterprise Search Technology, the leading platform for enterprise search and text analysis) enabl mehr... 28. November 2008TIMETOWEB CMS Extended Author ManagementThe extended Author Management offers assistance for companies with different external or internal groups of authors. It secures the administration a mehr... 07. August 2008TIMETOWEB CMS InspectorThe Inspector is a module for the comprehensive monitoring of a website/CMS and its integrity. It increases the quality and stability of a websites a mehr... 16. Oktober 2002 - PersonalisierungTIMETOWEB CMS PersonalizationPersonalisierung mehr... 30. Juni 2003 - TIMETOWEB CMS LizenzpreiseTIMETOWEB CMS Licence CostsTIMETOWEB CMS Lizenzpreise mehr... 18. August 2010TIMETOWEB CMS Personalization: Favorite ListIn addition to the static navigation structure, users can add interesting pages directly to their favorite list. Access to these pages anywhere in th mehr... 14. Januar 2010Browser based user interface - Web UIThe new Web User Interface provides everything the author needs to edit the website without a Notes-client. The simplified input screens, the attract mehr...

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